Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Conquering Arthritis

The inspiration to begin this blog has been from a book written by Barbara Allan entitled "Conquering Arthritis". This book seems to compile many alternative aspects I have read over the years that can help people achieve their goal to heal their arthritis. Some of which I have attempted in the past, but Barbara seems to combine the most (in my view) effective and credible theories and talks of making each healing component work in synergy.

At the heart of the book and treatment, is the foundation of the cure, which is to find out if and what foods may be causing a reaction within the body. I have tried an elimination diet before but had problems when it came to reintroducing foods and identifying the ones which may cause a problem. I lost so much weight that I had to give up.

As Barbara has had arthritis and gone through this herself with similar problems, she has worked out ways of dealing with some of the issues I found difficult. I have e/mailed Barbara who now also helps people who are attempting to cure themselves and she has told me honestly that as far as she knows my particular form of arthritis has only had a 50% success rate with her regime. That, along with my own research over the years and gut feeling, is good enough for me to give it a try.

Because such a diet begins with fasting and needs careful planning, I am first studying the book in depth. I will, in future posts be diarising my journey towards healing hopefully this will encourage me to keep on track and stop my real life from distracting me. Please wish me luck!


  1. I am wishing you lots of luck and can't wait to hear about your journey. In my heart, I feel foods make a huge difference. I have seen my own body make huge changes for the good by doing an elimination diet with my naturopath and continuing to eliminate a handful of foods from my everyday diet. Personally, I also believe RA has to do with a few other things that I am slowly dealing with -our emotions and how we prcoess and store them, environmental influences, lack of supplements our bodies need, etc, etc.

    I am still planning on checking this book out and appreciate you reading it and sharing with us.

  2. Oh, I wanted to ask also, why does she think your form of RA is only 50% treatable with this routine?